Tuesday, November 21, 2017

For people of Ethiopian origin living outside of Ethiopia.  Teach your kids simple Amharic words every week.  It will all add up by the time they grow up and it will be easy for them to speak Amharic when they need it.
Here are a few words.
Will add more often.

አንበሳ    Anbessa  (lion)
ድመት    Dimet      (cat)
ውሻ        Wusha    (dog)
አህያ        Ayhiya   (donkey)
ቀጭኔ      Kechine  (giraffe)
ዝሆን       Zihon    (elephant)
ዶሮ         Doro      (chicken)
ሰጎን        Segon    (ostrich)
እባብ       Eibab     (snake)
ወፍ         Wof       (bird
ጦጣ          Tota      (monkey)

ላም          Lam       (cow)

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